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Hey there! Since I'm going to meet yours, this is my team and I. 

I LOVE to photograph families. Families are couples, babies, animals, pregnancies, kids or your pet lizard (yes I have!). 

During my sessions, we hang out, play and take some photos along the way. I've had lots of hugs goodbye and invitations to follow my smaller clients out for lunch or back home which makes my day (don't worry, I politely decline!). I will only pose you a little in terms of finding the best light but the most special moments are the ones that just happen. My clients tell me that my sessions are fun, stress free and relaxed. 

I have kids and dogs that don't always behave so rest assured if/when yours do we just go with the flow. Sometimes this is when we actually get the best images.

Have a look through my galleries and if you like what you see, head over to the contact page so we can have chat about a session for you. If you do I'll tell you what my husband said in this photo to make us all laugh. 

- Bec