Once we have confirmed your shoot date we can discuss location and time. I have a selection of beautiful parks and beaches that I love but am always happy to hear about places that are special to you provided they will be suitable.

All of my outdoor sessions are early morning or late afternoon/evening as this is when the light is most beautiful.  This will be also be determined by what time of year it is. You can expect your session to go for about 1.5 hours. If it is raining we can reschedule.

The first and most important thing you need to know if that I make your shoot fun! They aren’t too structured and tend to just go with the flow.

For kids 

We will chat over the phone/email before your shoot and discuss the things your kids love to do and incorporate these into these shoot. I will be armed with a few goodies and will also encourage you to bring along some of your child’s favourite games/toys.Your kids may end up chasing bubbles around the park, looking for fish in rock pools, kicking the footy.. you get it.. the options are endless! If your son wants to dress as spiderman or your daughter in a tutu I’m all for it! For the little ones we will find a pretty spot to lay a rug and get some gorgeous giggly shots.

For Family 

I love capturing families doing something they love together. If there is somewhere you love to go or a particular activity that you all love please let me know. Otherwise I have lots of ideas up my sleeve. The shoot can be about your whole family or mostly about the kids with parents making ‘guest appearances’ in a few photos. Its up to you.

For Dogs 

Firstly I recommend taking your dog for a nice big walk before your shoot to burn off a little energy. Its likely that the shoot will be somewhere your dog hasn’t been before with lots of yummy smells and distractions. Before the shoot I will ask you about your dogs obedience. If your dogs recall means never seeing him again once we get to the beach I need to know! Please don’t let a shoot put you off if you have the naughtiest dog on the planet. I bet I have met worse! The shoot is about capturing your dogs personality so if being itself means a bit cheeky so be it!  Also if you aren’t comfortable letting your dog offlead this is fine. We can work around this. I am always heavily armed with treats and goodies and also encourage you to bring along any favourite toys too. I love capturing people with their pets so please let me know if you want to be involved in the shoot.

For cats 

For these shoots I will come to you. We can chat about where your cats are allowed and if only inside I will have a look at the natural light that I have to work with inside your home.

What to wear

My shoots are very relaxed and comfort is key. This is your shoot and I want to you wear whatever you like however I have created a Pinterest board that may inspire you. Splashes of colour look great and I suggest avoiding white shirts. I also don’t mind if you bring a change of clothes. A different top for the kids can sometimes be good for a bit more variety but not essential. Beanies and gumboots look great for the colder months too.

After your shoot

You can expect your online gallery to be up within 2 weeks. I will email you a link with all of the photos from the day carefully selected and professionally edited. The decision is then over to you. Chose A Little or A Lot.


  • FelicityJuly 23, 2014 - 7:18 am


    I was wondering how much you charge for a 21st event which you will be required for about 3 hours?
    The location is not confirmed but is looking to be in the city in November.



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