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    Hi I’m Bec and I’m a lifestyle photographer of family, children and pets in Melbourne.

    I share my life with a husband, an independent and funny little lady, a new little man and a couple of pooches. I could talk about them all day so best I not start..

    What does lifestyle mean? It means that I capture you, your kids, babies or pets in a totally natural environment being yourselves, mostly having a lot of fun and connecting with each other. I try and steer clear of posing you too much as I know the truly special moments are unforced.
    I shoot in gorgeous parks, beaches and in your own home. I love hearing about your ideas but always have a lot up my sleeve too

    Photography makes me so very happy and I love nothing more than delivering you gorgeous images to hang proudly in your home. You aways receive images on disc to print as much as you like.

    I love meeting new people so head to the contact page and let's have a chat. Don’t take it from me though. Have a look through my galleries and have a read of my testimonials page to see what my clients have to say.

It was the perfect night for a session with my competition winners from back in October. I have always wanted to do a session in Sherbrooke Forest as I’ve had my own family photos done there and I just love it. This lovely family were so much fun and to be honest made things easy. I’m so happy to be able to give them these memories to treasure forever.

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Melbourne Newborn and Pet Photographer

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Melbourne Family Photographer

Another beautiful family that I get the pleasure of photographing every year. Love watching these little people grow!

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Melbourne in home Family Photography